Eric Jackson, Ph.D.

CTSRC Director and Associate Research Professor

Dr. Jackson completed his B.S. in civil engineering from the University of Kentucky in 2002 and his Masters (2004) and PhD (2008) at the University of Connecticut. His previous research efforts include conducting research on driver behavior and vehicle dynamics impacts on vehicle emissions. Dr. Jackson is currently the Executive Director of the Connecticut Transportation Institute and the Director of the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center (CTSRC) at UConn. The CTSRC assisted in the complete overhaul and modernization of crash data and safety analysis in the state. Dr. Jackson’s current research has focused on improving the crash data collection process in Connecticut as well as providing public access to crash data and transportation safety analysis tools. This includes the Connecticut Crash Data repository, developing software and systems to analyze transportation safety, linkage of crash, roadway and social factor databases to improve transportation safety. Dr. Jackson is also lead the CTSRC’s Safety Analysis Team in the development of new software and methods to allow Connecticut to fully implement the Highway Safety Manual methods with the Connecticut Roadway Safety Management System (CRSMS). Through database design and data integration the CTCDR and the CRSMS provide researchers, planners and the Department of Transportation with timely, accurate and complete access to motor vehicle crash data and analysis.

Research Focus:

Transportation data systems

Web-based data collection, distribution, and analysis

Safety data integration and analysis

Remote sensing and geographic information systems


Contact Information
Phone (860) 486-8426
Mailing Address 270 Middle Turnpike Unit 5202
Office Location Longley Building, Rm 142
Campus Depot Campus - Storrs