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Connecticut Traffic Signal Technician Certificate Program

The Connecticut Traffic Signal Technician Certificate Program is a series of workshops designed to provide Connecticut's traffic signal professionals with knowledge of the fundamentals of signal maintenance and operations procedures and techniques. The program will be of interest to current traffic signal technicians, especially new technicians, and those who aspire to assume the position in the future.

Why Offer a Traffic Signal Technician Program?

A properly maintained traffic signal system is vital to the social, economic and environmental well-being of Connecticut's municipalities. In addition, traffic signal systems represent a significant investment of public funds that contributes to the safety of the traveling public. Operating and maintaining this investment requires a force of municipal personnel with sound training in the fundamentals of traffic signal maintenance procedures and techniques. The Connecticut Traffic Signal Technician Program provides an opportunity for municipal traffic signal technicians to receive this specialized training.

Program Overview and Certificate Requirements

There are two levels in the Connecticut Traffic Signal Technician Program. 

Level One is a series of four workshops focused on the fundamentals of traffic signal maintenance procedures and techniques. 

The workshops are:

  • Traffic Signals 101
  • Traffic Signal Operations and Reading Signal Plans
  • Operational Safety and Basic Electricity
  • Traffic Signal Construction (including a self-paced virtual construction math class)

Level Two is a series of four workshops including three required classes and one elective. Level two focuses on more advanced maintenance, troubleshooting, operations and technologies topics. (Completion of Level One is required to receive this certificate).

The required workshops are:

  • Traffic Signal Maintenance
  • Traffic Signal Detection Systems
  • Traffic Signal Troubleshooting


The specific elective workshop topics will vary and may include topics such as Controller Programming, Traffic Signal Communications and Pre-emption, or Advanced Troubleshooting.

Program Details

After the initial pilot program (Level I) that will be offered in 2021, the program will be structured in a way that will allow both levels to be completed within a year. The cost of each workshop will be $100 for municipal and state government employees, and $200 for private entities. Throughout the program, each workshop will be designed to balance the needs of maintaining legacy equipment while learning new ITS technologies and software. During and after participation in the Connecticut Traffic Signal Technician Program, participants will have the opportunity to engage in roundtable discussions and workshops offered through the Traffic Signal Academy to stay current on new industry trends and technologies.