The Traffic Signal Academy provides a wide range of training topics and resources designed to support a workforce of skilled, knowledgeable professionals to design, operate and maintain Connecticut’s traffic signals.

Traffic Signal Academy sample topics include:

  • Traffic Signal Design and Operations
  • Signal Timing Concepts
  • MUTCD Considerations for Signalized Intersections
  • Reading Signal Plans
  • Construction Math
  • Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM)
  • "What's in the cabinet and how does my design affect it?"
  • Controller Programming
  • Detector Systems
  • Advanced Controller Operations
  • Intersection Work Zone Safety
  • Controller Troubleshooting
  • Installation, Maintenance and Liability Concerns for Traffic Signals
  • Roundtable discussions on various technical topics


Traffic Signal Champion Program
Connecticut Traffic Signal Champion Program. Participants who complete 40 credit hours of courses in the Traffic Signal Academy will receive a certificate as a Traffic Signal Champion at our annual graduation ceremony.

Workshop Schedule

Connecticut's Traffic Signal Circuit Rider Program