The Safety Academy provides a wide range of training topics and technical resources designed to address current and developing topics in local road safety.

Safety Academy Sample Topics:

  • Sign Retroreflectometer Training
  • Local Road Safety Fundamentals
  • Road Safety Assessments/Audits
  • Data Analysis and Use
  • Developing Local Road Safety Plans
  • Safety Improvements for Rural Roads
  • Delivery of Local Road Safety Training
  • Safety Countermeasures for Roadways
  • Horizontal Curve Alignment
  • Guardrail Use
  • Safety Edge

*All Safety Academy Program classes are free of charge.



Road Safety Champion Program
We are proud to introduce the new Connecticut Road Safety Champion Program. Participants who complete 40 credit hours of courses in the Safety Academy will receive a certificate as a Safety Champion at our annual graduation ceremony.

Workshop Schedule

Connecticut’s Safety Circuit Rider Program