About the Program

The Connecticut Cooperative Transportation Research Program (CCTRP) has been a continuing joint venture of the University of Connecticut and the Connecticut Department of Transportation since 1962.

Over the years this program has responded to the evolving complexity of Connecticut's transportation issues by utilizing the vast array of multi-disciplinary research resources available through the faculty and laboratories of the University of Connecticut. CCTRP research projects address such issues as air quality and the environment, public transit, intelligent vehicle highway systems, transportation planning, GIS, highway safety, bridges, transportation administration and management, and construction and materials.

The Joint Highway Research Advisory Council (JHRAC) serves as the Program’s administrative body. The eight-member JHRAC, which includes four members designated by the Commissioner of Transportation and four by the Provost of the University of Connecticut, sets the policies governing the Connecticut Cooperative Transportation Research Program and approves the projects to be undertaken.

CCTRP Council Members

Michael Accorsi – Professor, Senior Associate Dean, School of Engineering
Edgardo Block – Manager of Research, CTDOT
Richard Christenson – Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Maria Chrysochoou – Professor, Department Head Civil and Environmental Engineering
John DeCastro – Transportation Maintenance Manager, CTDOT
James Mahoney – Associate Director of Operations, Connecticut Transportation Institute
Anne-Marie McDonnell – Supervising Engineer – Transportation Asset Management, CTDOT
Philip Scarrozzo – Public Transit Manager, CTDOT
Andrew Mroczkowski – (ex-officio Council Secretary), CTDOT Research, CTDOT

Contact Us

Administrative offices are located in the Longley building on UConn’s Depot Campus.


Contact Us

Stephanie Merrall
Program Coordinator
University of Connecticut
Connecticut Transporation Institute
270 Middle Turnpike, Unit 5202
Storrs, CT 06269
Phone: 860-486-6446
Fax: 860-486-2399
Email: smerrall@engr.uconn.edu