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CT Crash Data Repository Training for CT DOT Traffic Engineers

Review of Crash Data Collection and LE Training

Crash Repository Virtual Training (October 29, 2020)

All About That MMUCC
Get in the crash data groove with our song "All About That MMUCC", the new standardized requirements for crash reports.

Benefits of the New PR-1 Crash Report
CTSRC has worked with the CTDOT to develop the new PR-1 – a form used by police to report information about crashes. There are many benefits to the new PR-1, including new crash information that could help improve safety in Connecticut.

What is the Connecticut Crash Data Repository?
Find out what it is and how it works in this animated video.

Importance of the Crash Data Repository

Crash Data Repository Tutorials

Basic Users Tool
This tutorial video guides you through the features of the Basic Users Tool of the Crash Data Repository.

Advanced Users Tool
This tutorial video explains how to run a query of crash data using the Advanced Users Tool of the Crash Data Repository.

Grant Application Tool
This tutorial video will guide law enforcement personnel through using the Grant Application Tool of the Crash Data Repository.

Crash Dashboards

MMUCC Data Set
This tutorial video explains the additional query features, that are available to users when running a query using the MMUCC data set. The MMUCC data set is comprised of crash data collected on the MMUCC revised PR-1 crash reports.

Stop the Knock PSA Video Contest

This video is by Francis (Fritz) Gilbert a University of Connecticut Student and winner of our Stop the Knock Video Contest.

This video was created by Matthew Bilmes, a University of Connecticut student and runner-up in our Stop the Knock Video Contest.

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