Program Overview

In 1995, the Connecticut Advanced Pavement Laboratory (CAP Lab) was established by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (Department) and the University of Connecticut (UConn). Management of the CAP Lab is guided by an advisory committee consisting of representatives from the Federal Highway Administration, state Departments of Transportation, the Hot Mix Asphalt Industry and the University of Connecticut.<.p>

The CAP Lab conducts research and provides guidance on construction materials for the transportation industry, education and training services on pavement-related subjects for engineers, technicians and inspectors, and technical assistance on paving mix acceptance and field construction. The CAP Lab was established as a resource for assisting in the implementation of Superior Performing Asphalt Pavement (SuperPave), the HMA design methodology developed under the Congressionally mandated national Strategic Highway Research Program. The majority of the Cap Lab's activities were to focus on the needs of both the HMA Industry and State DOTs in New England as they worked together to implement this revolutionary new pavement design methodology and in so doing. Today, the CAP Lab continues research with partners at the CT DOT, regional transportation agencies and private industry.

Presently, the CAP Lab continues is materials testing work, maintaining an AASHTO:Resource accreditation for all testing associated Soils and Aggregate Properties, Asphalt Mixture Performance, and Asphalt Binder Grading. In addition, the CAP Lab is presently working with the Pavement Design Unit, Pavement Management Unit, and the Department of Materials Testing at CT DOT assisting with analytics and data collection for network condition monitoring and programming.