Lab Capabilities

Laboratory Capabilities

The Connecticut Advanced Pavement Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment. Our maintains an AASHTO Resource Accredidation (formerly AMRL)

Asphalt Pavement Analyzer

Hamburg Wheel Track Testing – AASHTO T324

Rutting Susceptibility with APA – AASHTO T340

Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester

Dynamic Modulus Testing – AASHTO T378

Flow Number Testing – AASHTO T378

Fatigue and reflective cracking (Texas Overlay) – Tex-248

Stress Sweep Rutting – AASHTO TP 134

Cyclic Fatigue – AASHTO TP107

Bending Beam Rehometer

Coring Rig


Ground-Penetrating RADAR (2.0 GHz Air-Launched)


Ground-Penetrating RADAR (2.6 GHz Ground-Coupled)


Concrete Cylinder End-Grinder

Dynamic Shear Rheometer

[Field] Density Gauge

Gyratory Compactors

Instron 100 kN Load Frame

Semi-Circular Bend Test (SCB) – AASHTO TP124

Low-Temperature Fracture Energy (SCB) – AASHTO TP105

Creep Compliance with Indirect Tension – AASHTO T322

Fracture Energy Using Disc Shaped Compact Tension ASTM D-7313

+ Environmental Chamber (-40 C)

Ignition Oven

L.A. Abrasion Machine

Pressure Aging Vessel

Rolling Thin-Film Oven

Rotational Viscometer

Test Mark 500 kip load frame

Thermal Imaging Camera

UTM Dynamic Modulus Load Frame + Environmental Chamber

Vacuum System, Sand Equivalent & Core-Lok./Core-Dry

Vacuum Oven

Vibratory Beam Compactor

Wet Room