Andrew Tucker, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Mr. Tucker is a Research Associate at the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center (CTSRC) and PhD candidate in Psychological Sciences at the Center for the Ecological Study of Perception and Action at the University of Connecticut. His research interests include interpersonal coordination, navigation / wayfinding, human-computer interaction, and dynamical and complex systems. His current research projects are centered on human interactions in and with autonomous / automated vehicles, while his dissertation work evaluates the role of stereotype threat in basic coordinative processes and joint action.

Past research projects have assessed route and exit choice of building occupants during emergency evacuations, the use of haptic information by first responders in navigating unfamiliar and unsafe environments, place and distance perception through locomotion without vision, and app-based distracted driving interventions. He is experienced in advanced quantitative analyses and several programming languages. 

Contact Information
Mailing Address 270 Middle Turnpike
Office Location Longley Building, Rm 208
Campus Depot Campus - Storrs