Road Safety Assessments for Local Roads - Fairfield

Event Date: 6/6/2024

Event Overview

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A Connecticut Safety Academy Workshop and A Connecticut Local Traffic Authority ELECTIVE Workshop

*Participants will receive 6 credit hours toward their CT Safety Champion Designation along with LTA elective credit.

Class Description:

This workshop will provide attendees with the skills to assemble a Road Safety Assessment (RSA) team, conduct an RSA, and prioritize and mitigate any safety issues the RSA may uncover. Consideration for all roadway users and an overview of countermeasures will be addressed. 

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this class, participants will:

  • Understand how RSAs are an effective tool in reducing injuries and fatalities on your transportation network.
  • Understand basic RSA concepts, including risk, safety, and common issues.
  • Gain experience in conducting RSAs that consider all roadway users.
  • Learn how low-cost safety improvements can be implemented to help reduce traffic fatalities and severe injury crashes.

Who Should Attend:

  • Public Works Directors and Highway Supervisors
  • Local Traffic Authorities
  • Engineers and Planners
  • Law Enforcement 

Class Notes:

This class includes a field exercise that will allow you to put into practice what is learned during the classroom portion of the workshop. Please bring a safety vest and wear comfortable shoes for this portion of the program. 


Melissa Evans
Safety Circuit Rider
Training and Technical Assistance Center
University of Connecticut 


  • Please email any questions to Lisa Knight at
  • Cost: Free. No registration fee is charged for this class. This training opportunity is offered by the Training & Technical Assistance Center's Connecticut Safety Academy.
  • Lunch will be provided. 
  • Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Approximately one week prior to the class, you will receive an email confirmation of your attendance, along with the address of the workshop location.
  • If you require an accommodation to participate in this workshop, please contact Lisa Knight at
  • Please advise if you have dietary restrictions. 
  • Video/Photographs may be taken for promotional and training purposes. Please notify us during registration if you do not wish to be photographed/filmed.