Traffic Signal Briefs

PPE for Traffic Signal Technicians   T2 Tailgate Talk

Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures   Traffic Signal Brief

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles   Traffic Signal Brief

Developing a Traffic Signal Management Plan   Traffic Signal Brief

Work Zone Safety for Signal Maintainers
  Traffic Signal Brief

Concurrent Pedestrian Phasing and Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI)   Traffic Signal Brief

Roundabouts in Connecticut Traffic Signal Brief

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons   Traffic Signal Brief

Preventative Maintenance of Traffic Signals   Traffic Signal Brief

Rectangle Rapid Flashing Beacons   Traffic Signal Brief

Retroreflective Backplates - A Proven Safety Countermeasure   Traffic Signal Brief 

Removing Unwarrented Traffic Signals - A Signalized Intersection Safety Strategy   Traffic Signal Brief  

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Signal Spotlights

 November 2018   New Britain Citywide Traffic Signal Modernization

 December 2018   CTDOT Traffic Signal Management Plan Workshop 

 January 2019   Greenwich Adaptive Control Signal Technology Project 

 February 2019   Monroe Roundabout  

 March 2019   The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

 May 2019   What Do Pilots, Surgeons and Traffic Control Technicians Have in Common?  

 June 2019   3D Crosswalks MUTCD Update  

 September 2019   Day Hill Road Adaptive Traffic Control Signal Systems - Windsor, CT  

 November 2019   Preventative Maintenance Program Improvements - Bridgeport, CT  

 December 2019   Collaboration is Key 

 March 2020   Traffic Signal Removals in New Britain

 April 2020   Engaging the Public in the COVID-19 Era 

 May 2020   As Traffic Changes, Cities Adapt

 June 2020   Upcoming Workshop Series: Developing a Traffic Signal Management Plan 

 July 2020   On-Demand Learning: Basics of Traffic Signal Operations Course Launch

 August 2020   Optimizing Yellow Clearance Intervals: A Proven Safety Countermeasure

 October 2020   New Resource: Decision-Making Guide for Signal Phasing

 November 2020   Connected Snowplows Coming to Connecticut

 December 2020   Adapt, Abide, Persist

 January 2021   Traffic Signal Liability Considerations

 March 2021   Flashing Yellow Arrows Coming to an Intersection Near You

 April 2021   Bristol Evaluation and Retiming of City-Owned Traffic Signals

 May 2021   Traffic Signals 101

 June 2021   Bicyclists at Signalized Intersections

 July 2021   New Haven's Edgewood Cycle Track

 August 2021   The Role of Traffic Signals in Traffic Incident Management

 September 2021   Improving the Resiliency of Traffic Signal Infrastructure

 October 2021   Signalized Intersection Design with Accessibility in Mind

 December 2021   Traffic Signal Cabinet Security 

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