Elena Orlova

Research Assistant

Elena Orlova graduated from the School of Transportation Sciences at Hasselt University in Belgium. As a student, Elena took part in projects on road audit, transport planning, the implementation of intelligent solutions in public transportation. At the request of Toyota Motor Europe, Elena also conducted a study on how often drivers use cruise control and how to increase driver confidence in automatic driving systems.

As a fan of the Fogg behavioral model, Elena has worked a lot with behavioral interventions, motivation and building positive driving habits. For example, while working on a master's thesis, Elena developed a concept of a learning mobile application for professional drivers.

In the fall of 2021, as an intern, Elena took part in a study on a driving simulator at CTI that was devoted to studying the driver's reaction to the sudden disengagement of the autopilot. In November 2022, Elena joined CTI as a regular team member as a research assistant.

Interests and Hobbies: Literature, creative writing and feature film directing, tennis, soft-coated wheaten terriers

Elena Orlova

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