Anshu Bamney, Ph.D.

Human Behavior/Factors Researcher

Dr. Bamney joined the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center (CTSRC) at the Connecticut Transportation Institute (CTI) as a human behavior/factors researcher in 2022. He completed his Ph.D. from the Michigan State University in 2022 with a primary focus on traffic safety. He has 5+ years of experience in highway safety, multimodal transportation, context-sensitive design/solutions, naturalistic driving (SHRP 2), distracted driving, and field data collection. He has led multiple research projects and worked in a team for various projects of the Michigan Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, and the National Safety Council. He has co-authored multiple research papers in highly reputed journals including Accident Analysis and Prevention, American Society of Civil Engineers- part A systems, and Transportation Research Record; and serves as a reviewer in these journals.

At the CTSRC Dr. Bamney is involved in multiple projects and has explored crashes related to vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Besides this, he has explored crashes related to impaired driving and teenage drivers as well. He is also working with real-time data obtained from Wejo to analyze the relationship between harsh decelerations and crashes in the state of Connecticut.

Areas of research interest:
Naturalistic driving
Driver distraction
Pandemic and transportation
Road and highway safety
Non-motorized transportation

Anshu Bamney, Ph.D.

Contact Information
Mailing Address 270 Middle Turnpike, Unit 5202
Campus Depot Campus - Storrs