Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center


The mission of the CTSRC is to support the Connecticut Department of Transportation in developing and maintaining a state of the art crash data entry, collection, and safety analysis system. The goals of the CTSRC include: 1) providing efficient tools for the collection and analysis of crash data:  2) track and document safety improvements and needs in the state: 3) development of outreach programs to target Connecticut specific/identified safety concerns:  4) conduct transportation safety research that has state, national and global implications and applications

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Crash Data Vendors by Town

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Visit the Connecticut crash data repository to query, download and summarize Connecticut Crash Data. (URL:

UPDATE: 4/7/2014

Below is a link to the latest version of Connecticut’s PR-1.  This release should contain the final edits and changes to be made to this form, unless major errors are uncovered or requests for change are received from police departments or crash data collection vendors.


In addition, the second link contains a crash data specifications guide that documents a history of changes, XML Schema Elements Definitions, Acceptance Rules and Warning Rules, and Requirements for Electronic Submission of Crash Data.

Data Guidelines 

Below is a draft of the New MMUCC Complaint PR-1 user guide.  This is for demonstration and review purposes only.  The CT PR-1 committee is still in the process of adding and refining this document.  UPDATED 3/20/2014 4:06 pm

Investigator Guide V9_3_20_2014c

Investigator Guides from other states can be found here.



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