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CTI’s CAP Lab Collaborates on FHWA Every Day Counts Initiative

The Connecticut Transportation Institute (CTI), working with the CT Department of Transportation, is collecting data in support of our state’s efforts to make road maintenance operations more environmentally friendly and to support the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Every Day Counts (EDC) Initiative. Staff from CTI’s Connecticut Advanced Pavement Laboratory led the data collection process for two Warm Mix Asphalt pilot projects during the 2010 construction season and is now working on four additional projects currently being constructed this summer.

Warm Mix Asphalt technology is new to Connecticut and is seen worldwide as an environmentally friendly alternative to Hot Mix Asphalt. The use of Warm Mix Asphalt lowers fuel/energy use as well as greenhouse gas emissions by significantly lowering the temperature at which pavement may be placed. This reduction in temperature also improves working conditions by reducing emissions from the asphalt mixture at the time of placement. More information on Warm Mix Asphalt Pavement can be found at

FHWA’s Every Day Counts initiative is designed to identify and deploy innovation aimed at shortening project delivery, enhancing the safety of our roadways and protecting the environment. To learn more about this initiative, please visit the EDC website at


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Fall 2009 Research Forum

On November 5, 2009, the Connecticut Transportation Institute at the University of Connecticut held a Research Forum to discuss the results of research projects, the status of on-going research and the positive ways this research is impacting the State of Connecticut. CTI was also honored to have Mr. Jeff Paniati, Executive Director of the Federal Highway Administration and Mr. Joseph Marie, Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Transportation as keynote speakers.

Each of the presentations are attached in a streaming video format. We encourage you to review the presentations that interest you. Some of the research topics discussed include safety, security, environment, infrastructure preservation and workforce development.

CTI Research Forum Presentations